Good Works

Our goal, here in Snooterville Junction, is to make art that inspires smiles, generates joy, and that looks really cool on your couch.  

We believe in shopping local and supporting independent businesses.  We also believe in being kind to animals and the environment.  And, we believe in having fun. 

To that end, there are some organizations we support and want raise awareness for.  Here is a list of some of our partner organizations and the 'Doots that have been assigned to them.  If you adopt one of these 'Doots, a percentage of that adoption fee is donated to a great organization.  See all the details below!

 You can buy a 'Doot as a gift or for yourself, generate joy, make your couch look cooler, AND support a good cause all at the same time."


Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA - we donate the following:

$5.00 from each Mouse adoption fee

$3.00 from each Mini Mouse adoption fee

$1.00 from each Kitty Karrot w/Katnip


Seal Sitters in West Seattle - we donate the following:

$5.00 from each Seal adoption fee


Pacific Whale Foundation-Turtle Rescue in Hawaii - we donate the following:

$5.00 from each Turtle adoption fee


ALS Association - Evergreen Chapter - we donate the following:

$5.00 from each Monster adoption fee (to help find a cure for this monster disease)