You can also find fresh and new Snooter-doot styles, such as the Narwhal, in our Etsy shop.

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Snooter Folks' Stuff

Welcome to our Snooterville Junction’s Adoption Center, where we are dedicated to bringing human-folk and Snooter-doots together ... for forever friendships!

Snooter-doots are whimsical, felted wool, art-dolls inspired by nature. We are all handcrafted, and have our own unique names and birthdays.

Our mission: To inspire smiles, foster friendships, partner in playtime, or to just look cool on the couch!

We average about 9” wide and from 9”-20” long. Prices range from $55 -$70.00, and do not include shipping or sales taxes. PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 BUSINESS DAYS FOR ORDER PROCESSING. Orders are shipping via Priority Mail once they are processed. You can also find fresh and new Snooter-doot styles in our Etsy shop.

New Friends!
Adoption Certificate
I discovered Snooter-doots™ recently while using up some left over yarn to make a toy for my ‘grand-dog’. As I was knitting, ‘free-form’, they just appeared and I fell in love with them.

The name is my daughter’s creation. She started telling me stories about Popipity the Squirrel and the Snooter-doots when she was just five or six years old. What a grand imagination! I vowed to myself those twenty-five years ago to expand her Snooter-doot tales into a book some day, but I never really knew what they looked like, so the idea just sat there....Now I do.

Being of the natural world, Snooter-doots have many animal friends. Before mankind moved into their territory, they coexisted successfully with their fishee neighbors in their respective environments.

Fishee-friends include fish, tadpole/lizard type creatures, octopi, jellyfish, crabs, geoducks, and more.

When humankind moved into the Snooter-doots’ territory, those early settlers set down roots, literally. They tilled and farmed the land, while still respecting its care and appreciating its bounty. They grew and consumed their own food, locally.

Snooter-doots came to enjoy the company of their Veggee-friends such as: carrots, beans, tomatoes, beets, pumpkins, eggplants, potatoes, parsnips, and more.

Wherever there are humans and their farms, there are bound to be bugs. Eventually humankind decided that bugs were their enemy and developed systems to wipe them out. Thus began the decline of the relationship between Snooter-doots and humans.

Lately though, many humans have rediscovered the importance of all living creatures, and can actually appreciate the value of many of their insect neighbors such as: bees, ladybugs, spiders, and even slugs (even though they aren’t insects).

Humankind introduced many new creatures to the Snooter-doots, without even knowing it! Snooter-doots developed a particularly close bond with the chickens the farmers kept on their farms. They were much like the wild birds the Snooter-doots considered their friends, just bigger, and often louder.
What’s Hot? Cupcakes! And, who can’t pass up a yummy burger too!

Also available: Snooter-shirts for you and Kittie Karrots with Katnip for your four-legged friends! Hats & caps are available per special order, click here for inquiries